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Memories are the most precious thing we preserve when we lose our loved ones; memories keep the love for them alive.


In ancient times people used to memorialize loved ones by creating writings and frescos on walls; stones were carved, monuments were raised, portraits and drawings in mosaics were realized.


Digital photography is today’s real image of memories and gives us back a fragment of life. Today’s digital technology allows us to transfer photos of loved ones into long-lasting memorial portraits or panels.


Tile Artisans Digital Imaging LLC and its associates have perfected the digital art form of transferring photographic images into long-lasting and enduring memorial portraits, large ceramic panels and murals or as hand-cut glass mosaic art work.


Select any photograph (traditional or digital), whether portraiture, snapshot, transparency, scenery, painting, drawing or a heirloom photo and transfer it on to a long-lasting memorial.


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