About Us

About Us

Since 2004, Tile Artisans Digital Imaging, LLC has been the leading American fabricator of digital photographic image transfers to ceramic and porcelain tile. Over the last decade, we have been advising and supplying artists, designers, architects, municipalities, schools, commercial and residential customers with durable custom-made tile murals for interior and exterior applications.


Founded in 1991, Tile Artisans, Inc. began as fabricators of custom made silk screen images on ceramic tile, custom glazing, and custom mosaics.


In 2004, Tile Artisans, now known as Tile Artisans Digital Imaging, LLC, expanded in affiliation with an advanced technological Italian company to to add a proprietary high-resolution digital photographic image transfer technology to our manufacturing processes. This enabled us to create and provide large ceramic murals and memorial portraits.


In 2010, Tile Artisans introduced our capability to produce hand-cut glass mosaics.


Since 2004, we have fabricated and distributed ten’s of thousands of mural tiles and memorial portraits. Today we proudly offer:


The most comprehensive line of memorial portraits available in America


* Large format memorial porcelain panels (up to 20” x 28”)
* Memorial portraits in a variety of sizes and shapes, in porcelain and steel
* Photographic quality kiln-fired murals of any size
* Hand-cut glass mosaics of any size
* Bronze frames for memorial portraits, open and closed, in a variety of styles
* Miniature porcelain memorial portraits