Photo Selection and Submission

Photo Selection

We strive to produce the highest quality portrait possible. The photo you provide contributes to the clarity and quality of the finished product. Here are some important tips when selecting and submitting photos:


• Any photograph, whether portraiture, snapshot, transparency, scenery or heirloom photo, etc can be used.
• If scanning a photo, please scan at 300dpi or more. The higher the resolution, the better quality the finished product will be.
• Use one of the following formats when submitting photos electronically: ‘jpeg’, ‘photo shop’, ‘pdf’, or ‘tiff’.
• If you do not have the means to scan a photo, please mail us the photo. We will scan it (no extra charge) and return it to you with the finished portrait.
• The photo should be good and clear quality, when possible.
• When there are two or more people in a photo, please single out clearly the person or persons to be reproduced (or eliminated) and transferred to the portrait (no extra charge).
• Most importantly, please give clear instructions of any alterations, retouches, background changes, border selection, etc. on the order form!