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by Tile Artisans

Immortalize a beloved pet that has passed
with a personalized pet memorial plaque with photo





Let Tile Artisans transfer and immortalize your favorite photo of your beloved pet and companion onto an everlasting ceramic porcelain memorial plaque.

High Visual Imagery Quality

  • Resistant to Sunlight (UV rays) – will not fade
  • Resistant to acid rain
  • Surface and Plaque are Frost Resistant
  • Resistant to all Weather & Temperature Cycles
  • Resistant to Thermal Expansion / Contraction
  • Interior and Exterior use
  • Easily attached to Monuments, Headstones and Urns

Custom Tile Technical Specifications

The latest state-of-the-art Italian technology is used to create an innovative high-definition / resolution digital transfer of photographic images (portraits, snapshots or photos) onto a glazed porcelain plaque.
Unsurpassed quality
This new proprietary technology will guarantee the highest standards of color, visual reproduction and quality, clarity and durability of your pet memorial with photo. All images are fired (fused) into the top glaze of the porcelain plaque at temperatures in excess of 1650˚ F.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Our personalized pet memorial plaque with photo carry a lifetime warranty. We offer full satisfaction and will replace any defective or vandalized portrait at no charge. Copies of portraits are electronically filed for eventual future reproduction purposes.
The porcelain memorial portrait is easy to install. The portrait will be shipped with easy to follow installation instructions, including bonding materials with a high level of bonding strength, which will withstand any and all weather conditions (hot and cold temperature cycles, rain and snow).