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 Custom Tile - Technical Specifications

Innovative high-resolution photographic image transfer to ceramic and glass surfaces. Non-Toxic, exclusive process technology guarantees high standards in terms of visual image quality, clarity and durability (in colour or black & white).
All images are fired into the support material (ceramics and/or glass) at a temperature of up to 1600o F. for ceramics and 1100F. for glass. This exclusive process allows the production of tile murals in any size.

Support Materials:

Pre-Glazed materials only: Ceramics (red or white body), porcelain(1) earthenware, dinnerware, plates and glass.

3" X 3" 4.25" X 4.25" 6" X 8" 10" X 10"
3" X 6" 6" X 6" 8" X 8" 12" X 12"
Square  Rectangular  Round  Oval 
Flat Convex  Concave   


Developed for interior and exterior applications.
Vertical & horizontal(2) surfaces such as walls, shower stalls, back splashes, counter tops, bathrooms, spa and pool floors.
Single tile, murals, shop signs, billboards or wherever tiles are used.
Any decorative finishes of pools (water liners and bottoms), spas, aquariums, water fountains, waterfalls.
Exterior and interior decoration (multiple uses) in hotels, casinos, theme parks, spas, restaurants etc.
Other uses: table tops, doors, plates, dinnerware, cups, trays, clocks, memorials.

Assembly & Installation:

Each mural image is accompanied by a numbered assembly layout including directions on how to assemble the mural.
Tiles should be installed following normal good standards for the installation of ceramic tile as per Tile Council of North America’s “Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation” (for wall and floor tile).

General characteristics of resistance:

Surface is resistant to sunlight rays.
Surface resists high temperatures.
Surface is resistant to mild chemicals, diluents and regular household detergents (soap, acetone, alcohol, bleaches)
Surface resistant to acid rain.
Surface is frost resistant if applied to a porcelain support material.

Glazed surfaces:

The decorated surface, whether a single unit or a mural should be treated as a “normal” glazed ceramic surface. Sponge-clean tiles with mild detergents. Never rub powdered cleansers or any high acid-based cleaners on a tile surface.


Grouting can be cleaned with a stiff brush (such as a toothbrush) and a non-bleach cleaning powder. Any regular consumer tile cleaning detergents can be used.

Mildew or mould:

Mildew or mould that forms on ceramics and grouting in damp areas can be removed by scrubbing with a light solution of water and chlorine, and thoroughly rinse afterwards. Combat mildew and mould on grouting by applying special mildew and mould preventive materials.


In case of damage to one or more tiles in a mural, replacements can easily be provided, as all single images and/or murals are electronically kept on file.(The original used support material (tile) must be used for the replacement unit [image]).

Standard specifications and characteristics:
Resistance to surface abrasion Class: II
Resistance to sunlight Higher than 8 (reference range:
minimum 1- maximum 8)
Resistance to stains(Substances that leave a residue) Grade 5: stain removed by washing with water. (Reference range: minimum 1 – maximum 5)
  Resistance to stains Grade 5: stain removed by washing with water. (Reference range: minimum 1 – maximum 5)
  Resistance to stains(Substances that form a film) Grade 5: stain removed by washing with water. (Reference range: minimum 1 – maximum 5)
  Ammonia No visible alteration
  Denatured alcohol No visible alteration
  Acetone No visible alteration
UNI EN 101 Surface hardness – Mohs scale Grade 5 (Reference range 1 = talc; 5 = apatite; 10 = diamond)